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Study trip to the island of Java with GM Tio Tek Kwi

891892_484617941658816_1739163362_o1Sifu Nicola Colonnata visited the island of Java ( Indonesia ) to receive private lessons directly from GM Tio Tek Kwi.
From the first day he embarked on an intensive workout that is still carrying on with the maximum physical and mental energy .
Sifu Tio Tek Kwi has studied with GGM King Yang from 1961 to 1987 , the year of the death of his Sifu and teaches in her country since 1969 .
In spite of the age the Grandmaster demonstrates the physical and technical qualities nothing short of exceptional exposing the system with passion and generosity for hours and hours a day, Sifu Nicola was very excited to have found such a person available . The training of Saam Chien – with the right principles and the proper knowledge can really improve the life expectancy and health, increasing energy, making even the most benefit in combat, being able to take advantage of the “who ” to transfer all in a very strong shot.

You can certainly touch the effectiveness participating in the upcoming seminars with Sifu Nicola.

See you there!

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