Sifu Nicola and his team of Instructors give  those who want to engage in the instructor career, or those who want to complete the entire Wing Tiun system in times shorter than usual, the chance to train with and intensive and personalized program, within the National Academy or the AWTKA schools around the Country.
AWTKA gives to all Wing Tiun lovers the chance to make a dream come true, becoming a professional or a semi-professional teacher.
The aspiring teacher will be followed step by step throughout all his training; once achieved the qualification to teaching, he/she will be followed also for what concerns opening and promotimg his/her new AWTKA school.
All the teachers from other Wing Tiun lineages who want to join AWTKA will have the degrees/levels achieved in other associations confirmed, and will have time to “fill in” the differences with the AWKTA system, in order to continue their learning with further levels/degrees.


1. Instructor of Wing Tiun for adults
2. Instructor of Wing Tiun for kids
3. Instructor of Kung Fu Fit and Kung Fu Training
4. Instructor of Kung Fu Life


If you are concerned to join click here:



AWTKA Formazione istruttori
Photos from a training course instructors for adults.



AWTKA Formazione istruttori
Photos from a training course instructors for kids.

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