AWTKA  (Authentic Wing Tiun Kung Fu Association), through  its founder Nicola Colonnata and all his Instructor’s Staff, wants to preserve and to spread the martial  art that derives from the southern Shaolin temple. AWTKA Wing Tiun is formed by the lineages of GGM Yip Man, GGM Tang Yik and GGM Kwee King Yang, that I was honored to study and learn directly from GM Leung Ting, GM Michael Tang and GM Tio Tek Kwi, who were pupils of the late Grand Masters.
We are at the dawn of a new project that aims to spread AWTKA Wing Tiun over Italy and the world ; our doors are open to all those who want to become part of our family.
Sifu Nicola will be able to personally guarantee that all the values and principles that ensure the growth of a pupil will be respected, and the possibility for our schools and teachers to be able to collaborate with an association that puts on the first place and at the same level martial arts and martial arts family, with no compromises whatsoever.

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